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Charlie's Story

Charlie is a single 82 year old male who has never married. He lives alone in a unit and is independently mobile, fit and active. He still gardens, goes to church and walks to the local shopping mall for lunch every day. He has moderate to advanced dementia. Charlie is visited six days a week by Mercy Community (MC) Aged Care Services' carers. He is taken by carers to doctor’s appointments, dentist, podiatrist and social outings. He has the morning paper delivered every day which he reads and does the crossword. He has a memory diary in which his appointments are written by staff.

The carers walk around the garden with Charlie and admire his gardening achievements. Charlie enjoys the local parish concerts and lunches and his fellow parishioners take him to Mass twice a week. He sings in the choir. The carers check in with Charlie each morning and ensure he has taken all his medication. He has one niece only who is of similar age. MC Aged Care Services keep in touch with his niece on a regular basis with updates of Charlie’s health and welfare.