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Individual growth and spiritual development leads to a fullness of life

Palliative Care

At Mercy Community (MC) we are well known for our focus on providing a calm and spiritual environment that respects the uniqueness of each person. We believe that there is no greater privilege than to bear witness at the end of life and pastoral care staff provide support to residents and relatives during this time.

Our approach

Our approach to meeting the needs of residents at end of life is supported by evidence based assessment and early intervention to relieve symptoms. Our Doctors, Nurse Practitioner and local Palliative Care team work closely with highly skilled registered and care staff to ensure that resident comfort is maintained.


Our resident rooms are large and have an ensuite as well as beautiful garden views. Residents are able to receive palliative care in their own room amidst familiar surroundings. Each facility has its own quiet reflection room and chapel. This environment is very supportive of  families whose contribution to the emotional comfort of the resident is highly valued. Family are very welcome to stay with their loved ones during the precious last days of life. Individual preferences during the last days of life are discussed with the resident and their family so that these choices are reflected in the care plan.