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Individual growth and spiritual development leads to a fullness of life

Person Centred Care

Person centred care forms the basis of our philosophy here at Mercy Community (MC). It takes a concerted and ongoing approach to education and staff support to ensure that each person in our care is truly respected as an individual.

Focusing on the individual

For the past four years we have dedicated significant resources to ensuring that all staff attend our person centred care course. The training consists of a foundation program which focuses on the fundamental psychological needs of people including:

  • Comfort: the provision of warmth and strength
  • Attachment: the forming of specific bonds or attachments
  • Inclusion: being part of a group
  • Occupation: being involved in the process of life
  • Identity: having a sense and feeling of who one is.

These fundamental needs do not stop once a person enters aged care and our aim is to ensure that our service meets these needs.

The Knowing Me plan

It is not enough to give staff knowledge about person centred care, it must be put into action. With this in mind we have developed the second part of our staff training; devising care plans that identify what each person wants – what makes them happy and what makes them sad. This information is put into a plan which we have called 'Knowing Me'. Our residents are indivduals and our care is based on this.