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Pets are a major part of most of our lives. They are integral to providing enrichment and companionship so here at Mercy Community (MC), we aim to provide you with the opportunity to have a pet come to visit you while in our care.

We currently have dogs who visit on a regular basis. Lucy at Emmaus and Tiger who resides at Allambe. These lovable pooches are always on the lookout for a scratch and a friendly greeting.

They have become a big part of our family and we encourage all residents who wish to, to enjoy their company.

Meet our Pets


My name is Lucy and I am a cross King Charles Spaniel and Schi-Tzu.

Where I visit:  Emmaus

I am nearly one now and enjoy lots of pats while watching all the resident activities. 





Tiger the WhippetMy name is Tiger and I am a Whippet.

Where I visit: I live at Allambe so I get to visit the people who live there all the time.

Why people love me: I am a very loyal friend to my facility residents because I live with them in their home. I have a very quiet nature but I am very loving.