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Individual growth and spiritual development leads to a fullness of life

Philosophy Of Care

We endeavour to add value to the lives of the people that use our services, as well as the people who work with Mercy Community (MC). We remain true to our historical roots while allowing change to improve the Aged Care services we offer. Our values:

  1. We affirm that the purpose of the service is to provide quality care as a basis for individual growth, spiritual development and emotional security leading to a fullness of life as it is understood in the context of the Gospels. Service provision and staff development are guided by our philosophy and model of care.
  2. We recognise ageing is a time of continued growth, learning, spiritual development and contribution. We affirm the value of older people as a valued part of the wider community.
  3. We believe that caring for the aged must centre on the maintenance of wellness. Maintaining resident and client self-determination has a critical bearing on individual wellness.
  4. We ensure that all staff have a role in care provision. This role is based on relationships, unity and commitment. Valuing the role of carers is central to our mission.
  5. We believe clinical and specialised nursing care is critical and provides the platform for emotional security and spiritual growth. Excellent clinical care requires both commitment and high professional standards.